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Since the early 1990’s the Foundation has operated as an independent all-Ireland grant-making Foundation with a particular emphasis on supporting community projects and initiatives in areas that are socially disadvantaged, particularly those with a focus on families and young children.

KHF places great emphasis on working in partnership with statutory, community and voluntary organisations and other funders. This partnership approach has proved successful over the years and has affirmed the Foundation’s developmental approach to its work in engaging in special projects and programmes, especially in the area of young children and family support. KHF has built in a support role accompanying strategic grants where possible. This support role includes an emphasis on designing, planning and delivering planned activities through a considered and reflective approach to project/programme work. The impact of providing funding along with implementation support has strengthened the Foundation’s partnership approach and collaborative working relationships.

Key areas of KHF’s work:

In addition to the Foundation’s two main programmes, the ‘Children’s Promise Grants Programme and the Community Mothers Programme, KHF also has an ongoing commitment and a direct involvement with a number of organisations and foundations. These organisations are recognised as important and relevant to KHF’s overall vision and are seen as contributing to the implementation of its overall aim of supporting children and families with a particular focus on early years.

Further information and highlights of this work with our collaborative partners can be found here.

Resources and our publications can be found in the Insights section here.

The Foundation also continues to fund a number of strategic grants that provide support to organisations and groups involved in work linked to KHF’s strategic plan and which provide great learning opportunities.

KHF provides grants for programmes/projects within the island of Ireland only and we do not fund international projects.