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‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme:
Harnessing Childhood Potential through Community-based Collaborations 


  • Deadline for submission of the EOI is 12 May.
  • Projects will be notified of outcomes by 29 May.
  • Projects invited to submit the full application will be requested to do so by 09 June.
  • All applicants who submitted full applications will be notified of outcomes by 30 June.
  • Funding will be made available to successful projects in early July.
  • We expect to bring all projects together to celebrate their participation in the grants programme in September 2023.

Please note, if you are not successful in your application this year, the grants programme will open again for one, two and three year funding in 2024.

If you have any queries, please email info@khf.ie. Note that queries will be handled via email only. 


The ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme is a new programme within the Katharine Howard Foundation, in collaboration with Community Foundation Ireland (CFI), and aims to support organisations working with young children and their families in disadvantaged areas, who may not reach their potential due to the corrosive impact of poverty. This is necessary because despite Ireland being a prosperous, developed country, an estimated 89,288 children live in consistent poverty.

All children are born with the potential to thrive and the ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme aims to support community-based organisations working to protect that potential and to support the wellbeing of their families.

The ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme is a promise from KHF to provide financial and other supports to selected organisations, to support and develop the potential of the children engaged with the organisations. The Programme aims to build on the powerful work taking place at community-level to address child poverty with a grants programme of €1,000,000 in financial and non-financial supports over the duration of the programme 2023-27.

Application Guidelines:

We advise you to read through the guidelines carefully, and keep the brochure at hand while completing your submission. You may also wish to download the application questions and to draft your responses off-line, before beginning your online application.

EOI application for this grant is now closed, thank you to all who registered their interest. 

If you have any queries, please email info@khf.ie. Note that queries will be handled via email only.