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Harnessing Childhood Potential Through Community-Based Collaborations

2024 Grant Round Now Closed

Thank you to all who have applied for the 2024 Programme



  • Applications closed 21 March. 
  • Review of all submitted applications will take place during the month of April. 
  • All applicants will be updated mid-June. 
Please submit all queries via email only to info@khf.ie. 


Location of 2023 selected projects across Ireland

Brochure outlining 2023 Projects

The ‘Children’s Promise’ grants programme is a funding programme within Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF). KHF particularly focuses on prevention and early intervention initiatives, to support the best life outcomes for young children. This grants programme is a collaboration with Community Foundation Ireland and we are grateful for their support.

In 2023, we received 172 applications, completed to a high standard. After a rigorous selection process, 17 organisations were chosen to be supported through financial and non-financial supports. These organisations work with a wide range of complex issues, but all have a common objective: to harness the childhood potential in particularly vulnerable communities, through supports for pregnant mothers, young children and their families. To read more on the organisations selected, click here.


The ‘Children’s Promise’ grants programme aims to support community-based organisations working with young children and their families in disadvantaged areas in Ireland, who may not reach their potential due to the corrosive impact of poverty. The programme is a promise from KHF to provide financial and other supports to selected organisations, to support and develop the potential of the children engaged with the organisations. It aims to build on the powerful work taking place at statutory and community-level to address child poverty. This grants programme is for Ireland-based projects only and KHF does not fund international projects.


The ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme 2024 is now closed for application and we are currently reviewing submissions. 


This grants programme focuses on ‘promising projects and practices’ within community based organisations, which aim to prevent or intervene at an early stage in addressing the potential impact of poverty on young children and their families. It encourages applications from small, collaborative projects that focus on gaps in provision and innovative approaches to addressing these gaps.

The ‘Children’s Promise’ grants programme supports organisations in the following categories:

  1. Early years / young children projects, within community-based settings.
  2. Parental support programmes
  3. Research into promising programmes or gaps in provision that may help to build policy support in those areas.
  4. Capacity building within an organisation.


Katharine Howard Foundation believes in partnering with organisations, in addition to providing funding. We know that many programmes are run on tight resources, with committed staff and we want to help them to build their capabilities as an organisation and to aim for ‘realistic’ change. We know this won’t always be linear and there will be challenges along the way. Therefore, both the one-year and multi-year programmes that are selected for the ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme will be offered non-financial supports, such as participation in a learning network with other grantees, strategic planning, help with building an evidence base and sustainability.