‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme

‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme: Harnessing Childhood Potential through Community-based Collaborations 

The ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme is a new programme within the Katharine Howard Foundation, in collaboration with Community Foundation Ireland (CFI), and aims to support organisations working with young children and their families in disadvantaged areas, who may not reach their potential due to the corrosive impact of poverty. This is necessary because despite Ireland being a prosperous, developed country, an estimated 89,288 children live in consistent poverty. All children are born with the potential to thrive and the ‘Children’s Promise’ Grants Programme aims to support community-based organisations working to protect that potential and to support the wellbeing of their families.

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12 May – Application for Expression of Interest is now closed.

All queries should be made by email only to info@khf.ie