The Parenting Support Initiative (PSI) is a collaborative partnership between the Katharine Howard Foundation and the Community Foundation for Ireland. This is a three year (2013-2016) strategic grants programme with a focus on children from birth to 3 years and their parents, with a particular emphasis on supporting parents in their parenting role. PSI aims to support a number of projects in socio economically disadvantaged areas or specifically disadvantaged target groups engaged in collaborative approaches to working with parents of children from birth to 3 years.

 Below is a map listing the 15* Core Funded Projects under the PSI. 

*Longford Community Resource Ltd. finished up as part of the PSI in 2015.

43 Once off grants were also allocated to Projects around the country. 

 Objectives of the PSI

  • To strengthen prevention & early intervention supports for young children and families to achieve better health, well-being, and learning outcomes.
  • To reinforce the developmental role of both community and national based services working directly with children from birth to 3 years and their parents (Children & Young People’s Services Committees; Family
    Resource Centres & other Community based services).
  • To strengthen the links between existing health and community based services to support a holistic approach to meeting the needs of infants and young children.
  • To build and share the learning from initiatives such as the Prevention & Early Intervention Programme now known as the Area Based Childhood.


Rationale for the Initiative
KHF’s work over the past 15 years has included building relationships within the early years care and education sector and with those involved with prevention and early intervention strategies (this included a particularly close working relationship with Tallaght West Childhood Development Initiative (CDI)). Many of the initiatives undertaken by KHF, such as the Parent and Toddler Group Initiative 2006-2009, provided the opportunity to influence child and family policy through the provision of strategic small grants. The Parenting Support Initiative was developed based on consultations with key stakeholders and on research of the early year’s sector, where the gap for supporting parents of children from pre-birth to three years was identified.


End of Year Report Once-Off Grant Projects 2015
PSI Networking Event 2015
PSI Networking Event 2014 Presentation

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