Giving our Children the Best Start in Life - Survey Results

KHF carried out an online survey with parents as part of Universal Children's Day 2017. The focus of the survey was on pregnancy and early childhood and provides a snapshot of parent's views on what helps and supports them in their parenting role. The full report (to the left) is available for download and the a summary report can be accessed here 


Community Matters series no. 7

KHF has completed an edition of its Community Matters series no. 7, which provides a summary of the Initiative. The summary includes the rationale for PSI, KHF’s approach to planning and developing PSI and an outline of the different project themes.  The three key elements of the Initiative are highlighted - collaborative working, engaging parents and training in and delivery of Parenting Support Programmes.

Central to this work is the recognition of the importance of capturing and sharing the learning from PSI both with the projects involved and with other organisations, agencies and funders with a commitment to supporting parents and young children.


BOBF Annual Report April 2016-2017

Annual Report for the third year of implementation of Better Outcomes, Brighter Futures: The National Policy Framework for Children and Young People 2014-2020.

This and the previous Annual Reports are also available on the DCYA website.

Incy Wincy Spider, a play for babies

 As part of Universal Children's Day, the Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF), in conjunction with the Arts Office of Dublin City Council, hosted "Incy Wincy Spider” - an interactive play for babies aged 0-12 months and their parents in The Lab, Foley Street, Dublin 1. The play takes the well-known nursery rhyme about the spider and the weather and creates a whole multi-sensory adventure of it. The production was created by baby theatre director Anna Newell with original music by award-winning composer David Goodall – a creative team whose work for babies has been seen on three continents. The event was free of charge and all five performances completely booked out. A presentation on the event can be accessed here

Karen Thurston is Well Child Tamariki Ora nurse practicing in the Waikato region of New Zealand. Well Child Tamariki Ora nurses are specially trained to support families of newborns through to five years of age, providing evidence based advice relating to child growth, development, behaviour, health and wellbeing.

KHF had the privilege to host a talk by Karen on 14 June. The presentation of the event is available to download here

Children’s Rights Alliance launch Report Card 2017

This year CRA have awarded the Irish Government a ‘D+’ in their annual review of the Government’s progress for children.

They have covered the areas where the Government have progressed commitments made in ‘A Programme for Partnership Government’ this year. We have focused on Standard of Living, Early Childhood, Education, Equality, Family Environment and Alternative Care and Health.


CES Reports- On The Right Track

From 2004 to 2016, The Atlantic Philanthropies, sometimes together with Government and other organisations invested in 52 prevention and early intervention services and programmes across the island of Ireland. Programmes aimed to improve outcomes for children and their parents, in areas of their lives such as child health, behaviour, parenting, inclusion and learning. This was known as the Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative. The summaries below are based on a longer report on the outcomes.

ParentingChild BehaviourChild HealthChildren's Learning

Submission to Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare

Click on image to view submission

Galway City Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan 2016-2020

"Welcome to the first Early Years Health and Wellbeing Plan for Galway City. This plan sets out the goals and related actions that together create a framework for enhancing and supporting the health and wellbeing of children in Galway City during their early years. For the purpose of this plan we are defining early years as 0 to 3 years......"


Improving Health and Wellbeing Outcomes in the Early Years – Research and Practice

‘Improving Health and Wellbeing Outcomes in the Early Years – Research and Practice’ is a new publication produced by CES together with the Institute of Public Health (IPH).


Tipsheets for play

Download these tipsheets from Aistear to learn how you can support your child's play

Tips for play for parents of babies

Tips on play for parents of toddlers

Tips on play for parents of young children

Better Start Access and Inclusion Model (AIM)

What is AIM?

The Better Start Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) is a model of supports designed to ensure that children with disabilities can access the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) programme. Its goal is to empower service providers to deliver an inclusive pre-school experience, ensuring that every child can fully participate in the ECCE programme and reap the benefits of quality early years care and education. Click on AIM image to download the leaflet.

More detailed information on AIM can be found at Your local CCC will also be able to provide further information and guidance.

Outdoor Play Matters

Barnardos is hoping that parents encourage their children to play outdoors more often.

Outdoor Play Matters is a free publication for parents and highlights the benefits of outdoor play and how it supports children's development.



Parenting24seven is an online resource by Tusla - the Child and Family Agency, offering evidence-based key messages on what works best for children and families at different stages of childhood and in different situations.  


Toolkit for Parental Participation


Tusla Child and Family Agency:  Toolkit for Parental Participation National Guidance & Local Implementation December 2015, An initiative of the Parenting Support Strategy


HSE Booklets

The HSE Caring for your Baby and Caring for your Child website and booklets aim to help you to care for yourself and your child during your child's first five years. Public Health Nurses give these booklets to every new parent during their visits and the HSE has developed the content as an online resource also. 

The information is based on the most up-to-date, accurate information available within the Health Services, and on opinion from professionals in child health, support services, voluntary organisations and parent groups.

Booklets available to view and download below:

Caring for your baby 0-6 months

Caring for your child 6 months - 2 years

Caring for your child 2 - 5 years

Parenting Support Initiative Information Leaflet

Click on the image to view and download 

KHF Community Matters – Issue 6

Summary of a Partnership Initiative with the Office of the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

Download the full issue

KHF Community Matters – Issue 5

Summary of a Funding Partnership Initiative with The Atlantic Philanthropies.

Download the full issue

KHF Community Matters – Issue 4

A Summary of the Evaluation Report of the Community Playgroup Initiative 2001-2004

Download the full issue

KHF Community Matters – Issue 3

A summary of the second in a series of occasional research studies initiated by The Katharine Howard Foundation.

Download the full issue

KHF Community Matters – Issue 2

The Interim Report of the Community Playgroup Initiative

Download the full issue

KHF Community Matters – Issue 1

A summary of the first in a series of occasional research studies initiated by The Katharine Howard Foundation.

Download the full issue

Whittaker Report Review 2007

This report was compiled jointly by the Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF) and the Irish Penal Reform Trust (IPRT) and launched by the Minister for Justice, Mr Brian Lenihan on the 25th July 2007. The intention of the report is to review the implementation of the Whitaker report which was published in 1985. The overall intention with this project is to stimulate reflection and debate on the future of penal policy in Ireland.

Download the full report

Young Men on the Margins

Young Men on the Margins presents the direct voices of homeless men in Dublin. It highlights how, from childhood onwards, negative economic and social experiences combined at family and community level to create a process where young men moved from living at home to being out-of-home. It draws attention to the absence of appropriate economic and social supports at crucial stages to prevent the drift into homelessness.

Download full report YMM Report