Minister for Children and Youth Affairs recently published the State of the Nation’s Children: Ireland 2016

This is the sixth such report since 2006, and was compiled by the Research and Evaluation Unit within the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, with data contributions from a broad range of government departments, agencies and research organisations.

The State of the Nation’s Children: Ireland 2016 report presents administrative, survey and Census data on children’s lives. It focuses on outcomes in key areas such as health and education, as well as social, emotional and behavioural outcomes.  The report also focuses on children’s relationships with family and friends, along with formal and informal supports and services.

Click here to access the report.


Children’s Rights Alliance Launch Report Card 2017

This year CRA have awarded the Irish Government a ‘D+’ in their annual review of the Government’s progress for children.

They have covered the areas where the Government have progressed commitments made in ‘A Programme for Partnership Government’ this year. We have focused on Standard of Living, Early Childhood, Education, Equality, Family Environment and Alternative Care and Health.

Full report here