CYPSCine June 2017

CYPSC learning and developing together
There are now twenty-six local CYPSC Co-ordinators supporting the implementation of 27 CYPSC across Ireland. CYPSC are inter-connected through a national network of CYPSC Co-ordinators. The CYPSC Co-ordinators’ National Network role and purpose is to support the strategic and operational development of CYPSC by bringing CYPSC Co-ordinators together to share information on practice, learning and national and local developments. Since 2011 the Network has enabled CYPSC staff dispersed across Ireland to connect in with each other and with the Department of Children and Youth Affairs who provide the policy and strategic lead for the CYPSC initiative.
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Early Years Issue 3

Welcome to issue 3 of the Children’s Rights Alliance’s Early Years newsletter.

As Government Departments begin to finalise Budget 2018, we are working hard to ensure that children are at the forefront of Ministers’ and civil servants’ minds. Budget 2017 sought to balance the high cost of childcare to parents through the Affordable Childcare Scheme: Budget 2018 should prioritise investment in quality improvement in services. Read on

Global Implementation Conference, Toronto

Our Nurture Programme Manager, Francis Chance, Stella Owens of CES and Anne Pardy of HSE present on The Nurture Programme – Infant Health and Wellbeing at the Global Implementation Conference in Toronto. Almost 600 delegates from right around the world – great presentations and networking opportunities. The presentation is available here

Early Years Issue 2

Welcome to issue 2 of the Children’s Rights Alliance’s Early Years newsletter.

Late 2016 and early 2017 has been an exciting time in the Early Years work!

They successfully launched Report Card 2017, our annual flagship publication that grades the Government on its own commitments to children in A Programme for a Partnership Government. The Government received an overall D+ for its first seven months in office, reflecting a mixed bag for children, with no outstanding achievements quite yet. Read on….

National Síolta Aistear Initiative newsletter

In this issue you will find …
• An overview of the National Síolta Aistear Initiative
• An introduction to the two national coordinators responsible for the initiative
• The structure of National Síolta Aistear Initiative
• An outline of the forthcoming Síolta Aistear Introductory workshop
• A list of the partner organisations currently involved in the National Síolta Aistear Initiative
• A “What’s happening?” section, outlining upcoming professional development opportunities and news

CYPSCine March 2017

This edition of the CYPSCine includes information on the new CYPSC Steering Group Chairperson, KHF’s Director, Dr. Noelle Spring., along with both National and Local news from Children and Young People’s Services Committees across the country. Read here

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs recently published the State of the Nation’s Children: Ireland 2016

This is the sixth such report since 2006, and was compiled by the Research and Evaluation Unit within the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, with data contributions from a broad range of government departments, agencies and research organisations.

The State of the Nation’s Children: Ireland 2016 report presents administrative, survey and Census data on children’s lives. It focuses on outcomes in key areas such as health and education, as well as social, emotional and behavioural outcomes.  The report also focuses on children’s relationships with family and friends, along with formal and informal supports and services.

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