The Katharine Howard Foundation (KHF) is an independent Foundation focused on improving the lives of young children and their families.

Our work is underpinned by a commitment to equality and overcoming disadvantage and to promoting equality of opportunity for all children.

We work with others in identifying their needs, building on existing programmes, making strategic grants and sharing the learning.

KHF aims to contribute to the development of policy and practice, particularly in the early years and family support sectors.


Giving Our Children the Best Start in Life - Survey Results

As part of a cross organisation approach to marking Universal Children's day in 2017, KHF carried out the above survey. Almost 500 parents told us what helps them give their children the best start in life and what other supports they would find helpful in 11 key areas of their lives. The survey was designed to be as open as possible and parents responded with depth, thought and wisdom.  We would like to thank all those who responded for their time, insights and wisdom. 

We engaged an independent researcher, Dr. Grainne Hickey, to analyse the survey responses and to write a full report and summary report. 

We would like to thank Grainne for her attention to detail and presenting the findings and feedback in a clear and accessible way.  Both reports are available to download below.